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It’s Good to Know

Yesterday, Nabih Berri announced that the parliament will meet tomorrow, Friday, May 31st to vote for the extension of the current parliamentary session. The MPs (gentle reminder: the ones we voted for) are set to stay in parliament an extra year and 5 months. (Until Nov. 2014)

I had been somewhat tolerating the political situation until yesterday; avoiding the news, dismissing stories, using humor to distract from the severe deterioration of the political situation. 

I looked to international news, to news of scientific discoveries, of gay marriage legalization, of Fashion weeks and TED talks, of White House Correspondents and Greek economies, English discontent and the Mcdonaldization of Italy.

But yesterday…yesterday was different. Yesterday, things changed. Yesterday, I went back 7 years in emotion, anger, and preoccupation with local politics.

It wasn’t unexpected. We all knew the political figures are intent on extension of parliament. It didn’t hit us out of the blue. But it enraged some of us as if it were indeed a surprise.

Personally, it continues to shock me when I see the politicians’ blatant disregard for popular choice and opinion. And it’s not naivety, in fact, it is the total absurdity of this political dynamic that keeps surprising us. Can it be that bad? That ridiculous? Apparently, yes, it can.

Did you know that extending the parliamentary session is the single most undemocratic thing that your representatives can do?

Did you know that you are being stripped of your very basic right to choose who represents you (and for how long they do)?

Did you know that every single day you are being ridiculed and undermined by the very same people YOU put in power?

Did you know that if there was ever an opportunity to act, it is now?

It’s good to know.Image

Full story here: https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/lebanonnews/lebanese-parliament-set-to-extend-own-term-on-friday


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