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We are Living in a Literal Wasteland.

While reading the papers this morning, I stumbled across a few articles that had featured a report conducted by “Environment and Development” Magazine. 

The magazine has conducted research (results of which are to be published soon) on the toxicity and cleanliness of our coastline. The study measured the fecal levels in swimming water in 19 areas along Lebanon’s coast. The results that came back were horrifying.

Apparently, our coastline is a direct extension of our toilet. That means the water that we swim in is dirty, sewage ridden water, composed of fecal matter. Results showed that our water is medically, too dangerous for us to swim in. Even more terrifyingly,

“Samples from swimming areas in Ramlet al-Baida, Antelias and Jbeil contained so many fecal coliforms laboratory scientists stopped counting;  Samples in Mina, and Sidon came back borderline toxic.”

Toxic. To boot, any bacteria or infection that a person might carry is flowing into our coastline, so you’re getting it too. These are the scientific facts slapping us in the face. This is the condition of our environment, of our coastline that we insist on being so damn proud of.  

Authorities still have the audacity to promote Lebanese Summer tourism. Just yesterday, our Minister of Tourism declared Lebanon “very safe for tourists.” (Incidentally, just yesterday, a protestor was killed for expression of difference in opinion.) 

In Lebanon, you get the rare opportunity to ski, swim, and contaminate yourself IN JUST ONE DAY!!! 

And more often that not, you, the lucky citizen, are also being forced to pay to use your contaminated coastline. The coastline which belongs to you.

How dare we continue to have our unjustified sense of supremacy when we are, literally and figuratively, swimming in our own shit? 

But for me, the worst part was that this story didn’t shake the population. It didn’t enrage people as I thought it would. In fact, aside from angry Internet rants, it almost went unnoticed.

Sometimes, I can understand the apprehension to speak up.  Nobody wants to be labelled as supporting on side or the other, and too often, we are far too apathetic to voice our concerns. I can almost understand not reacting to the extension of parliament, or to our new “foreign policy”of partaking in other people’s wars. It’s never the political stuff that shakes us to our core.

But years of leaving our ministries in the hands of the wrong people have left us basking in our own filth. And now it’s putting our health at risk. How are we still quiet, when the future looks so terrifyingly crappy?

Pun totally intended.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2013/Jun-10/219836-lebanons-beaches-swimming-with-waste.ashx#ixzz2VpZT9qkg 
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)


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