Fall of Morality

Fall of Morality

Lebanese supporters of Hezbollah hand out Baklava (sweets) in celebration of Hezbollah’s victory in Qasir.

The victory is being lauded as the “fall of Qasir”, but personally, I find that this photo captures nothing other than the fall of morality (political and otherwise).


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June 5, 2013 · 2:50 pm

One response to “Fall of Morality

  1. A-mal

    fall of morals! seriuosly!…do you even watch news!….If you take a second to read some news and analyzations about what was really going there..you would`nt be posting this,any smart citizen concerned for his country and looks for a safe future here would know that the top priority of the fight was to protect the Lebanese borders and whoever were killed there were brutal extremists …check out some youtube videos ,take a look at what could have happened to lebanon ..these extremists slaughter people in a savage way and are proud to post it for public! The whole nation knows that,including the west! ..They earned this victory,sahten la yale akal …These people have the Morals no one have in this country!!read some history books dear 🙂

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